Merry Edwards Wine Class at WOKC

Last week, the White Oak service team had the pleasure of experiencing a wine tasting class with wine-maker Merry Edwards. Merry shared with us her Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay, each presenting a new concept of notes and technique, and all offered by the bottle on WOKC’s full wine list. Merry says that the key to any great-tasting wine is the integration of flavors, and that her philosophy to wine-making is, “Make what you love, and stand behind it,” because when you love something, others are likely to love it too.


White Oak proprietor Cindy LeBlanc, left, with Merry Edwards, right, in front of the WOKC wine wall.

“In the mouth, this wine is lush with good viscosity. This richness is balanced by sweet Ruby Red grapefruit, tangerine zest and lively acidity throughout. Our Sauvignon Blanc ages along with the best of those from Sancerre.” Read the full description & notes on the sauvignon blanc here.


Sauvignon Blanc, Merry Edwards, Russian River Valley, California, 2016

“This Pinot has a lovely, intriguing aroma. It begins by showcasing cool-area fruits – huckleberries, lingonberries, currants, ripe strawberries, red raspberries and blueberries. Mexican cocoa, chai tea, cinnamon and nutmeg add warm spicy tones. Roasted nuts, morels and mineral notes form an ethereal impression of earthiness.” You can learn more about the Merry Edwards Sonoma Pinot Noir here.

Alan at Merry Edwards wine tasting

Joe, a WOKC server, left, and proprietor, Alan LeBlanc, right, listening closely to Merry describe the Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.

Merry’s tasting notes of the Olivet Lane Chardonnay include, “Flaxen, with flecks of white gold, even the color of this wine is regal. The aroma is inviting, multifaceted and bright. Floral scents of honeysuckle, lemon verbena, cherry blossoms and white roses are interlaced with creamy lemon custard, tarte tatin and crème brûlée. Layers of ripe nectarine, peach, yellow raspberry and pink lady apple add a full-fruited dimension. The palate is rich and full on the entry, showing fig, mandarin orange and papaya. Balanced with bright, lively acidity, the mouthfeel created is classic Russian River Valley through and through. The finale is a long, lingering finish, accented with a touch of hazelnut and vanilla.” You can read her full description here.


Merry Edwards Wines

The White Oak team thanks Merry for a lovely afternoon full of beautiful wine and good company.



The WOKC team members pictured with Merry Edwards

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Prize in Southern Poetry: Congratulations to the Winning Poet!

As a continued effort to show our support for Southern culture and arts, White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails hosted its 3rd Annual Prize in Southern Poetry, accepting poem submissions from thirteen southern states. This year’s poems were judged by none other than the author of poetry books Videotape, Petals of Zero Petals of One, Anabranch, By Reason of Breakings and esteemed Professor of English at the University of Georgia, Professor Andrew Zawacki. Among the poems, Professor Zawacki selected, “Second Holiday,” by Paige Sullivan of Atlanta, GA.

Paige completed her B.A. at Agnes Scott College and her M.F.A. at Georgia State University. While attending Georgia State, Paige served as an assistant editor at Five Points, as later the editor of New South. Paige was a participant in the 2015 Kentucky Women Writers Conference Workshop, the 2017 Tin House Winter Workshop for Poets, and most recently the Poetry Foundation and Crescendo Literary’s 2nd annual poetry incubator in Chicago. In addition to essays and reviews, her poems have appeared in Arts & Letters, Ninth Letter, American Literary Review, and other journals. She is honored to be the recipient of the 3rd Annual White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails’ Prize in Southern Poetry and is extremely grateful for the support.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Without Further Ado, White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails Proudly Presents
Second Holiday
Paige Sullivan | Atlanta, GA
And maybe it won’t be the ocean frothing
or the beating of my blood in my own ears
that I’ll hear, but I’ll choose to believe the fable:
that I hear something that isn’t inside the shell.
The ones on Amelia Island are fated to shatter
against the barrier reef that hugs the coastline.
One day our sunscreen will kill the coral,
and the whole shells we’ll cup to our ears
will perhaps be a sign that too many things
went wrong, even when we knew better.
In the art museum, we stand before the couple
who touch, loving each other so much
that they ward off truth. You reach for my hand
to remind me. How glad I am just to see
the painting—its recognizable, noiseless belief.

Narrative of “Second Holiday”
Professor Andrew Zawacki
Bringing a Depression era drama into the Anthropocene, “Second Holiday” resituates a Rockwell painting that illustrated a homespun magazine story. Transferring the scene from a midwestern waiting room to the Cummer Museum in Florida, the poem restages the image staging the fiction, as someone takes the speaker’s hand, standing before the painting of a couple touching hands.
We don’t know if the museum goers, like the people in the tableau they’re “glad” to see, are elderly or sick. Clear as day, however, is that the whole planet is dying by now. Amelia Island’s “coastline” rhymes with the “sunscreen” which, a synecdoche for human intervention, is killing its ecosystem, the “barrier” reef destined to “shatter,” too. So the local interpersonal narratives, despite how moving the love they uphold, happen against a backdrop of environmental turbulence that’s quickly becoming the main—the only—story. After that, no second holiday.
Aware of this encroaching global truth, the poem nonetheless stakes its claim on the quiet power of “fable.” I take that risky decision to be neither escapism nor denial, but rather a “belief”—this lyric’s last word, sonically married to the barrier “reef” from half its lines ago—in the necessary, if insufficient, sustaining function of art.
What’s most remarkable about this near sonnet, finally, is how it responds to a famous painting less by looking or speaking than by listening. In our age of simulcast disasters and steroidal social media, in which even the private is visible and nobody ever shuts up, to seek meaning in silence is an increasingly rare form of faith.

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6th Annual “Evening with French Reds”

Valentines Flyer 2018

Make Valentine’s Day more than a holiday, make it a tradition. Celebrate Valentine’s this February with White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails at our 6th Annual “Evening With French Reds”. Experience a four-course dinner menu created by Executive Chef Meg Brent paired with a selection of French wines from our award-winning wine list.

Offered Saturday, February 10, Sunday, February 11, and Wednesday, February 14. $65 per person +$35 with wine pairings.

Call 404.524.7200 or click here to reserve the perfect Valentine’s evening at White Oak. and leave impressing your special someone to us!


Lemon Verbena and Fennel Mignonette, Salmon Roe
Cabernet Sauvignon-Petit Manseng, Rosé Frizant, Mas de Daumas Gassac, 2015

Caramelized Miso Butter Vinaigrette, Tatsoi, Kale, Mizuna, Squash McCaire, Pickled Cranberry
Grenache-Cinsault, Coeur de Rosé, 2016

Herbed Cranberry Beans, English Peas, Beurre Monté Bouchard
Beaujolais, Bouchard Aîné & Fils, 2016
Roasted, Salsify, Black Trumpet Sauce, Rapini, Verjus
Pinot Noir, Marchand-Tawse, “47ºN”, 2015
Smoked, Kentuckyaki, Pomme Purée, Wood-Fired Carrots
Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, “Télégramme”, 2014

Brioche, Valrhona Guanaja Chocolate, Dreamscicle Ice Cream, Smoked Marcona Almonds
Champagne, Lanson, Rose Label, Brut Rosé, NV
Rosemary Pastry Cream, Pistachio, Red Currant Sorbet
Champagne, Lanson, Rose Label, Brut Rosé, NV

Wine pairings subject to availability

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Prize in Southern Poetry! Calling all Southern poets – submit your poem to this competition

3rd PSP blog


In a continuing celebration of Southern culture and arts, WOKC invites poets from across the South to explore the depths of faith this Valentine’s Day. Poems will be evaluated and judged by University of Georgia Professor of English Andrew Zawacki.

A 2016 Howard Foundation Fellow in Poetry, Professor Zawacki is the author of the poetry books VideotapePetals of Zero Petals of OneAnabranch, and By Reason of Breakings. His poems have appeared in The New YorkerThe New RepublicThe Nation, and elsewhere. He has published three books in France—Georgia and Carnet Bartleby, both translated by Sika Fakambi, and Par Raison de brisants, translated by Antoine Cazé and a finalist for the Prix Nelly Sachs. Zawacki’s translation of Sébastien Smirou, My Lorenzo, received a French Voices Grant, and his translation of Smirou’s See About earned an NEA Translation Fellowship and a fellowship from the Centre National du Livre. A former fellow of the Slovenian Writers’ Association, Zawacki edited Afterwards: Slovenian Writing 1945-1995 and edited and co-translated Aleš Debeljak’s Without Anesthesia: New and Selected Poems.

The winning poem on Faith will receive a $1,500 prize and their poem will be featured on our Valentine’s Day menu.

Rules for Submission

  •   1. The contest is open to all poets who currently reside in and have had residency in one of the following states for a minimum of 12 consecutive months: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia. (Residency will be verified before prize winner is announced.)
  •   2. Writers who have published 2 or more full-length collections of poetry or who do not meet the residency requirements are NOT eligible
  •   3. Translations and manuscripts in languages other than English are not acceptable, however manuscripts that occasionally use words from other languages are perfectly fine
  •   4. All poems submitted will become the property of White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails and can be published without further approval of author
  •   5. Manuscripts must be received prior to February 4, 2018
  •   6. The submitted poems will not be returned
  •   7. No entry fee required
  •   8. Poem Guidelines:
    •         – Only one submission per author
    •         – 40 line limit
    •         – Must be on the topic of “FAITH”
    •         – Poem must be typed (single-spaced)
    •         – Author must include name, address, phone number, email address, word count and manuscript title on the submitted poem
  •   9. Poems must be submitted by email to
  •   10. No revisions of submitted manuscripts will be allowed during the contest
  •   11. The winner will be announced on February 12, 2018 and contacted to discuss delivery of the $1,500 payment prize
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Bourbon, Bubbles, & Bluegrass


Ring in 2018 at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails with our 5th Annual Bourbon, Bubbles, & Bluegrass. Enjoy the sounds of the Jason Kenney Band and a special NYE three course dinner menu:

Amuse Bouche
Pork Belly
Buttered Turnips, Smoked Apple Butter, Pickled Turnip Greens
Suggested Pairing:Sparkling Rosé,Jean-Luc Joillot,Burgundy,NV

1st Course (choice of 1)
Woodfire Roasted Carrots
Black Sesame Tahini, Dukkah, Pickled Cranberry
Suggested Pairing:


Beet Salad
Salt Roasted Beets, Coriander Lime Emulsion, Woodsman Wife
Fromage Blanc, Crispy Beet Tops
Suggested Pairing:
Chardonnay,Jordan,Russian River Valley,Sonoma,2014

2nd Course (choice of 1)
Short Rib Farrotto, Romanesco, Maitakes, Bordelaise
Suggested Pairing:
Satenay,Lucien Muzard et Fils,Les Gravières,1er Cru Savigny-les-


Black Sea Bass
Braised Fennel, Baby Bok Choy, Bacon Broccoli Puree
Suggested Pairing: Grüner Veltliner, Domäne Wächau,2015

3rd Course
Sweet potato creme brûlée
Toasted marshmallow ice cream, ginger oat crumble, brandied
Suggested Pairing:Champagne,Taittinger,Brut Réserve,NV

Priced at $55 per person, the NYE menu will offer wine pairings for an additional $20 and a midnight treat to celebrate the New Year. The evening will feature a bourbon and bubbles bar with flights and select champagne glasses. The dinner menu will also be available.


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Springer Mountain Farms Chef’s Special


Did you miss the live Chef’s Special with Springer Mountain Farms? Watch it here now!

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