Executive Pastry Chef Megan Brent Takes NYC by Storm

Last week, Executive Pastry Chef of White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails Megan Brent traveled to NYC to showcase her skills and abilities at the James Beard House Dinner with fellow Georgia Grown award-winning chefs.

Upon arrival, the group of anxious chefs explored Chelsea Market’s Eataly, where they experienced fresh local produce like never before.

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In the evening, Meg’s group had the opportunity to dine at Emilio’s Ballato. This old-world Italian dining experience was one Meg won’t soon forget, “The charm of this little hole in the wall was unreal. I had to walk through the kitchen to get to the dining room. Oh, and did I mention the bathroom? It was covered in old newspaper clippings from the 70’s. It was AWESOME.”

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The next morning, they traveled to the James Beard House, where the real journey began. “The house has had very little renovations since the passing of James Beard, which is exactly intended. The nine or so of us were in their kitchen, helping each other out–it was a great fellowship to be apart of. I was the youngest one there, and being exposed to many well-established chefs who could respect me regardless of my age was completely uplifting and encouraging.”
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The service began at 6:00 pm, and by 6:30 the first appetizers were going out. At 7:00 pm, the first course was served and seven more followed and ended with Meg’s “Sweet Corn and Blueberries.” Meg and the other chefs adjourned to the Board Room to take photographs, discuss dishes, and prepare themselves to be introduced to the main dining room.

IMG_5398 (1)

The night ended at the Blue Ribbon Brasserie, where Chef Meg and company raised their glasses to a successful evening–a sweet end to an incredible weekend.

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Celebrate Father’s Day Weekend with Beef & Bordeaux

White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails’ Chef de Cuisine, Christian Perez, has crafted a masterful meal with Dad in mind. For $75, he will enjoy a Dry-Aged, Bone-In New York Strip, served in a rich, herb compound with arugula, charred vidalia onions, and a red wine demi-glace. In addition, he will select a glass of Bordeaux inspired by the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976.

In the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976, French judges conducted a blind taste test of two comparable wines, one from France and another from California, the American contender shocked both the judges and the wine world with an unexpected and triumphant victory that revolutionized wine. White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails pays homage to this momentous occasion in wine history with our selections for Father’s Day: 2011 Palazzo Bordeaux Blend and 2010 Clos Canon Grand Cru.


2011 Palazzo Bordeaux Blend 

Made in the style of a Bordeaux, this American wine from the Napa Valley region has a rich, silky texture featuring a harmonious blend of cherry and black currant notes with a bright, floral finish.

Winemaker Scott Palazzo was classically trained at

St.Émilion in Bordeaux and creates truly classic Bordeaux’s in Napa.
2010 Clos Canon Grand Cru

This 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc blend hails from the Bordeaux region in France, creating a powerfully rich vintage with raspberry, blueberry, and black cherry flavors contrasted against a delicate floral note.

To reserve your space, call us at 404.524.7200 or click here to reserve your table online.


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The James Beard House Preview Dinner at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails

The entire evening of the James Beard House Preview Dinner can best be described as evergreen. Fresh ingredients, lively atmosphere, and talented chefs made for an overall fabulous event. The evening began with a cocktail hour in White Oak’s Barrel Bar Lounge, where guests enjoyed Sapelo Island Clam Rockefeller, Okra & Tomato Gazpacho, and many more delectable appetizers.


Once guests made their way into the Lookout Dining Room, they were welcomed by the Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture, Gary Black. “The food you are about to consume did not come from a box, it was not in the food processing line, it all came from a family farm because of their passion for fresh ingredients. Let us all be passionate about what we do.”


The Commissioner invited everyone to toast with their bottled Coca-Cola, which was before them accompanied by a bottle opener and said, “There’s nothing more Georgia grown than a Coca-Cola. Let us toast the Coca-Cola Company, farm families in GA Grown, and all of our sponsors. Thank you, and God bless you.”


The tasting plates which followed included two plates from Executive Pastry Chef of White Oak, Meg Brent. Her intermezzo was comprised of parsley fennel sorbet over watermelon. For dessert, Meg created, “Sweet Corn and Blueberries,” which is pictured below.  This sweet corn cremeux, blueberry confit, corn cake, kernel buttercrunch, and blueberry-thyme sorbet was a new White Oak favorite.



Alan and Cindy LeBlanc, hosts of the evening as owners of White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails, took delight in the company and cuisine procured by the James Beard House Preview Dinner. Alan LeBlanc stated, “I think what impressed me the most was the diversity. The diversity in food, people, and wine. I believe this is the hallmark of the state of Georgia. We talk about the coastal, countryside, and urban areas of Georgia, and know that one without the other is not a true reflection of what the state of Georgia offers for both the people who come to visit and the people who are here to live. And this is what we love about Georgia.”

White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails is beyond proud to have been apart of such an exquisite evening.

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The James Beard House Preview Dinner

preview dinner menu 2 (1)

White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails is honored to partner with Georgia Grown to host The James Beard House Preview Dinner this evening. We anticipate cuisine of the finest ingredients and flavors to be created in our kitchen by seven astounding local chefs, including White Oak’s own Executive Pastry Chef Megan Brent, a Georgia Grown Executive Chef Program Award-Winner.

The James Beard Foundation’s mission is to celebrate, nurture, and honor chefs and other leaders making America’s food culture more delicious, diverse, and sustainable for everyone.

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Mother’s Day Garden Club Brunch Menu

It’s not too late to reserve a space for you and your mom at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails! Give us a call at 404.524.7200 or click here to reserve your table online.

See our Mother’s Day Garden Club Brunch menu below

Mother's Day Garden Club Brunch Final_Page_1

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Bowties & Bourbon


Saturday May 6, 2017

White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails- A Great Bourbon Bar of America

The Kentucky Derby calls for Bowties & Bourbon! Come see our bow-tied bartenders whip up three special Derby Day cocktails:

The Bourbon Smash

What’s better than fresh and locally sourced raspberries in a cocktail? We’ll tell you- fresh and locally sourced raspberries in a cocktail with BOURBON!😍

Raspberries | Lime | Mint | 1816 Bourbon

Derby Day Julep

Nothing like giving new life to a southern classic! Our julep has the most delicious homemade rhubarb syrup in it that will make you want it to be Derby Day everyday!

1816 Bourbon | Mint | Rhubarb

The Blush Rose

This light pink cranberry drink goes perfectly with big hats and pearls. 👒

Lime | Cranberry Juice | Luxardo Liqueur | Cathead Vodka


We’ll see you at the gates!


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