Barrel Bar Menu

With Southern roots and a bar focusing on wine, whiskey and bourbon, “Cocktails” is an integral part of the White Oak name.  Imagine sipping a chilled cocktail on a haint blue ceilinged porch in the middle of a hot summer day — with Johnny Cash, Ray Charles and REM playing in the background, the experience really comes to life.

White Oak’s 360-degree bar, crafted of Georgia marble and newly planed white oak, houses a collection of over 70 whiskeys and bourbons, as well as a selection of carefully chosen vodkas, gins, and wines. Our cocktails, whether shaken, stirred, infused or neat are classically prepared in the spirit of approachable hospitality in the true Southern sense.

Our menus change seasonally. Menus listed here may slightly differ from what is available in the restaurant.


4 devils / 8

Traditional, Pickled, Pimento, & “BLT” Deviled Eggs

potatO CHIPS / 12

Salt & Vinegar, Beer Cheese, Bacon, Scallions

pimento cheese / 10

Crackers, Pickles, Cocktail Onions

pork belly / 14

BH Sorghum Barbeque, Local Green Kimchi, Radish, Toasted Peanuts, Lettuce Wrap

wings / 16

Smoked, Bourbon Hot Sauce, Pickled Vegetables

beignets / 14

Rock Shrimp, Hot Sauce Remoulade, Pickles Vegetables


burger / 18

Wagyu Beef, Double Patty, Caramelized Onion, American Cheese, Duke’s Mayo, Lettuce, WOKC Fries

fried chicken / 20

Buttermilk Potato Purée, 7 Herbs and Spice Salad, Black Pepper Honey

charcuterie / 26

Salami, Rillettes, Paté, Pimento Cheese, Pickled Vegetables, Toast, Crackers

shrimp / 16

Hot Chicken Style, Brioche Toast, Celery Remoulade

lamb burger/ 20

6 oz Patty, Mint Goat Cheese, Pickled Carrots, Harissa Aioli, Sweet Potato Fries