The kitchen at White Oak prepares food that reflects the dynamic contradictions of Southern life. The merging of contemporary with traditional, simple with complex, and rural with metropolitan are represented in a menu that requires precise methods of production, yet results in plates that appear simple and familiar. Each item is simply named to guide you toward your selection, while ingredient and preparation details are listed should you have a greater interest; however, no matter your level of interest or culinary knowledge, rest assured your Snapper will taste like snapper and your Grits will taste like grits.

Our menus change seasonally. Menus listed here may slightly differ from what is available in the restaurant.


chocolate tart / 9

Smoked Chocolate Pastry Creme, Chocolate Puff Pastry, Hazelnut Buttercrunch, Black Pepper Ice Cream

Cheesecake / 9

Goat Cheese, Speculoos Cookie, Persimmon Sorbet, Garam Masala Spiced Puffed Farro

Warm Huckleberry buckle cake / 9

Quinoa Streusel, Candied Ginger, Huckleberry & Yuzu Port Coulis, Duck Egg Ice Cream

Wokc sorbets & Ice Creams / 6

Served With Toasted Pound Cake

from the pantry

Chef’s Daily Selections – Cake, Cookies, Bars

H.C. Valentine coffees

coffee / 2.50

espresso / 3.25

latte / 4

cappuccino / 4

coffee press for two / 8


rishi hot teas / 5

Choose from ten different blends, including Pu-erh – Ginger – Green Tea Chai – Earl Grey – Golden Chamomille Blossom – Served in a two-cup tea pot